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No Longer Letting Chaos Reign Supreme

It’s The Simple Things In Life That Make Us Happy

For most people life is no longer simple. It’s a balancing act of work, family, health and wealth. I’m sure the majority of people would say that the balancing act isn’t going so well. I am starting on a journey to truly enjoy life by simplifying it. I want to learn how to make time for myself and put my well being at the top of my priorities. I will be documenting throughout my journey and creating health and wellness articles in the hopes that other like-minded people find them useful.

In this world of sharing everything, I figured why not share recipes, workouts, do-it-yourself projects and products, etc. that can help others to prosper in their life too. By growing more of my own food, cooking it and generally eating less processed food, I aim to be healthier, but wealthier too. It’s not rocket science that we pay a lot more for food that is packaged, but convenience plays a big factor. Through better prep, systemization and storage, I think we can eliminate lack of convenience from the hurdles to better living. Prep…systemization…that doesn’t necessarily sound like fun and maybe even unsustainable, but I hope to continuously find new ways for living the simple life to be fun, fulfilling and creative.

It’s not just food that you are paying a lot for the package. Many household items and beauty products come with a significant cost for the brand name. Brand name products surely have useful benefits, but so do many simple, minimal ingredient home recipes. In fact, you may find that do-it-yourself recipes can deliver the same benefit or maybe even more effective. Brands spend a lot of money to research and develop their products. They also spend a lot of money in marketing, sales and logistics among many other things. This significantly drives up the cost to us the consumer. I want to try recipes and products that are safe, by taking advantage of tried and tested ideas that the millions of consumer testers and reviewers on major blogs, social sites have researched and tried. Through testing, I will modify and optimize food, beauty, and household recipe ideas to make them easier and more enjoyable.

Like many of us, I want to know the nutritional and wellness reasons to believe behind the ingredients. By researching what goes into certain recipes, I hope to understand why each of these products are beneficial. So, I hope you join me on my journey to better understanding how to be healthy and wealthy through a simplified way of life.

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