Sugar seems to be a swear word these days. Why is sugar bad for you? When I look at articles from sites like WebMD, the FDA and health.com, it doesn’t appear that sugar itself is terrible, but the amount we consume is. The recommended daily average for women is a


When I looked to research how to naturally control cholesterol, an increased intake of fiber was among the recommended actions to lower cholesterol with diet. But, why is fiber good for you and what else is it good for? Fiber can help improve heart, skin and digestive health as well


Similar to good fats and bad fats there are good oils and bad oils, so what is the best oil for cooking? Typically I have used extra virgin olive oil for both cooking and for salads and I know some people swear by coconut oil for cooking, but not all


Coconut oil is extremely popular today among those that are healthy or in the process of improving their health. Coconut oil is not just good for you if you ingest it, the benefits of coconut oil for the skin are just as great. Even though coconut oil can be a

Reducing cholesterol naturally

On one side of my family, we have very high cholesterol. Even when I was teenager, my doctors said mine was quite high. I wanted to find out how to reduce cholesterol and if there are any natural ways to reduce cholesterol. Here’s what I found when trying to find


What is the Paleo diet plan? I have been hearing a lot about this diet and wanted to see if it is something that would fit my lifestyle. OK, so what is the paleo diet exactly? Basically the Paleo diet is like turning back the clock, way back, as in

The Beautifl Island of Sifnos

Adventures in Greece Despite all the recent financial issues plaguing Greece, it is still a magical place to visit and explore. I went to Sifnos Greece about 3 years ago now, but my parents were there right when the vote on the bailout plan was happening. This is what they

Yummy Green Lemondae Juice Recipe.

Juicing is a big trend these days. There certainly are benefits to juicing. It is a good way to get in your fruits and vegetables and I will later share one of my favourites, a green juice recipe for weight loss. Juicing allows the body to absorb nutrients quickly and

Make your shampoos last longer and get ready faster with dry shampoo

If you don’t like to shampoo your hair too often (many beauty experts say not to shampoo everyday), you should look at applying dry shampoo. Not sure what that is or how to dry shampoo? Here is a brief intro to what dry shampooing is all about. What is Dry

Just as the sun begins to set

All inclusive resorts have their benefits, but they aren’t totally my thing. I like to be on my own timeline, go where I want to, but most importantly I like to shop locally, enjoy the local entertainment and cook some of my own meals now and then. Buffet for every