Recently, I have decided to live a bit of a nomad existence after a major life change. I decided that instead of just getting another apartment to live in, why not travel? It is a great opportunity to only pay for my vacation rental instead of the burden of paying rent + vacation accommodation costs. This time I am trying Muskoka living.

Camp Fire

Cottage Rentals Muskoka

As most Canadian know, heading up north is our summer pastime, but it doesn’t just have to be for the summer. I looked at some Airbnb options and found that you can rent a place monthly for less than rent in the city during the off-season. I chose to look in Muskoka, one of the most notable places for people in Ontario to rent a cottage.


Try Muskoka In The Fall!

You do have some tradeoffs with Muskoka living in the fall/winter season, but there are many benefits.

  • If you come in the fall, you are going to see the best changing of the leaves. There are more trees up here and fewer interferences.
  • There aren’t as many houses, roads, traffic etc. to get in the way of the fantastic view. If you are into hiking, you will enjoy the views in a whole new way in the fall.
  • You will enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with not living in a small town overrun by students on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I like students, but I don’t want to live in a party town.
  • If you are a lover of snow, you are more likely to get snow over the holidays than you are the city. Plus, you are closer to most of the ski resorts, so if you like skiing, you are near most of the more premium places to ski in Ontario.
  • There are outdoor skating trails! Now that is something that you don’t tend to get in the city.
  • Daily campfires. Find a place that has an outdoor fire pit. Get bundled up, make some hot chocolate and enjoy a fire every day

There Are Some Downsides

Hiking Trail with Dog

Some of the “attractions” and shops will be closed. The cute ice cream and french fry places shut down as soon as it hits October. Some of the restaurants will close or have limited hours. This is especially true if you decide on a smaller town in Muskoka. I chose Rosseau, Ontario and while it is beautiful, it is pretty small. It does have your basic amenities year-round like a general store, restaurant, and LCBO within walking distance, so it works for the winter, but not all small towns will have this.


Research the things that are important to have close by before you choose to have your getaway. If yMuskoka Living - Simple Life Happy Lifeou want to be close to bigger grocery stores and have more things going on, look at Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, or Parry Sound in the Muskoka area. You won’t have as much of a cozy, cottage feel, but you will be a lot closer to amenities.

I am hoping to be off to BC for my next adventure. I am going to travel across Canada to ultimately end up somewhere in BC. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!