Despite all the recent financial issues plaguing Greece, there are many things to do in Greece. I went to Sifnos Greece about 3 years ago now, but my parents were there right when the vote on the bailout plan was happening. They said, “We are OK here on Sifnos. Foreigners can still get money from the ATMs – the restrictions only apply to those holding debit and credit cards issued from Greek banks”. This was merely days before the vote. Greece knows that it thrives off of tourism and can’t afford to alienate tourists.

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A Bit of Advice Before We Get to The Things to Do in Greece

Back when I went to Sifnos (which I consider one of the best Greek islands to visit), there were also threats of strikes among the transportation workers. I learned to travel close to the weekend when the transportation employees are less likely to strike. The employees know the volume of tourists is high, so they don’t want to kill tourism. You should also pre-purchase and schedule your transfer from the airport to the Piraeus Port ferry. This is essential if you don’t have a long wait in between the flight and the ferry. If you have time, the bus is an inexpensive option (about 5.00 €),. I was traveling on my own and under time constraints, so pre-arranging my travel was a huge stress reliever.


Map of Greek Islands

The ferry to Sifnos is a nice scenic 3-hour route, but be prepared for a bit of chaos getting on and off. I ultimately decided just to wait until everyone else got off vs. trying to fight my way through the crowds. Besides, there is only one small road to exit the ferry, so you’ll just end up stuck there too.

Finally landed in Sifnos

Finally landed in Sifnos

Things to Do in Greece: Food

OK, now on to the good stuff. The Island is surrounded by the South Aegean Sea’s stunningly blue water as well as beautiful white sands and sky-high mountains. I remember floating on my back in the sea, looking up at the sky and the mountains and knowing that this is something everyone should experience. Enjoy the relaxation and the beauty.

Because Sifnos is right on the water, the fish is incredibly fresh. The fish we ate was caught the same day by the local fishermen who began their day and the early hours of the morning.

Octopus is a specialty in Greece. So, I had to try it. Some liken it to Calamari (which I ate almost daily), but it is quite a bit more flavourful and chewy. It was not my favorite, but I am glad that I tried it.

Octupus hanging to dry

Octopus hanging to dry



Same with Ouzo. Try it. It is like Sambuca.

Although Ouzo is very Greek, one drink that is not specifically Greek is Absinthe, although it is making a name for itself due to the popular restaurant of the same name. I went there for dinner a couple of times, and the owners are very friendly, and the food was great. Try the absinthe, if not for the fun preparation.

First attempt at drinking absinthe

First attempt at drinking absinthe

Our favorite restaurant is a classic Greek restaurant, called the Camaron, with the best service and food that I experienced in Greece. The owners, Panos and Irina, were so hospitable and have the most beautiful view overlooking the sea.

One of the best views from one of our favourite restaurants

One of the best views from one of our favorite restaurants



It is a good idea to walk off the amazing food either in the mountains (bring a walking stick!) or up the hills. There is even a route to walk over a mountain to get to Chrissopiggi with a small beach and taverna. I found some of the best days were walking to and from these little towns with the goal of a nice lunch and cold beer in the middle. One of the most fun things to say was that “we need a fix!”. Fix was one of the local beers 🙂

Ultimately, my time in Greece was a relaxing, serene and full of adventurous food and beauty.

Have you ever been to Sifnos or another Greek island? I didn’t have the chance to go to another and am interested in if the experience is the same. I would love to hear about things to do in Greece other than Sifnos.