France is a beautiful place and you can enjoy both local and touristy things to do in Paris. I recently went to France and I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Paris. As the heart of France, Paris is one of the best places in France to visit. Most of the major monuments, churches, and museums are all right there.

Places to Visit in Paris

While I am not usually the biggest fan of the tour bus of big cities, it is one of the better ways to make sure yoThings To Do In Paris - Simple Life Happy Lifeu get a full tour of the city and the key structures like the Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Sacre-Coeur, and more. Especially if you are only there for 2.5 days like I was.

What we did, was take the bus to make sure we got everything in, then picked the places we wanted to spend more time at.

Food in Paris

In Paris, you need to decide what you want to get out of it. Good food is easy to get. I recommend staying out of the tourist attraction areas to eat. The food is still good, but it isn’t particularly French food and it is expensive. Kind of like any major city in the world. Trust me, if you got Times Square in New York, you are going to pay double or even triple what you should for the same food 10 blocks away.

Image of Restaurant in Paris

This is the first place we ate at in Paris

If you are in France and you are not a vegetarian, try frog’s legs at least once.

It was kind of gross, but I am glad I at least tried it and it is definitely one of the things to do in Paris!

Where to Stay in Paris

Paris is small, so from an accommodation standpoint, you don’t need to be right in the thick of everything. We stayed in Montmartre and had a very reasonably priced hotel. As a bonus, we were closer to authentic food at a decent price.



If you head into the middle of Montmartre, you can take pictures and sit on the steps of the Sacre-Coeur which is the home of a beautiful Roman-Catholic church atop a hillside.My Dad and I at Sacre-Coeur

Montmartre was once a village said to be the home of some of the most well-known impressionist painters such as Picasso and Renoir.

Moulin Rouge

Just on the outskirts of Montmartre is the Moulin Rouge. For us, it was good enough to simply walk by the famous structure, but it is still a hopping place that many should take the opportunity to check out.

Notre Dame

If churches are your fancy, you will want to see Notre Dame. It is an impressive medieval Catholic structure from the outside known for housing important Catholic relics like a fragment of the Ture Cross, the Crown of Thorns, as well as one of the Holy Nails. You can attend a service there, but I will warn you, the wait times are outrageous.

Tourists Standing at the Love Lock Bridge in Paris

Love Lock Bridge/Pont des Arts

One of the cooler experiences that I had, is unfortunately no longer available to tourists. The Love Lock Bridge in Paris (Pont des Arts) used to be filled with locks that couples had locked on the bridge. They then threw the key into the River Seine. This symbolized their commitment and love to each other. It is a beautiful idea, but the bridge was starting to sink due to the weight. Plus, the government said that it’s vandalizing.


Well, those are some of the main places that I visited, but really, to me, Paris is about the vibe. There are many people in the streets, there are musicians playing everywhere, and artists selling their wares everywhere. There are so many things to do in Paris. Just start walking and you will feel what Paris is all about.