A weekly meal plan means helps us stick to a diet, be more productive, and feel more organized. So, I wanted to put together some food prep ideas to help get myself started and maybe help some others along the way.

Weekly Meal Plan: Healthy Meal Prep

Healthy meal prep should start with meal planning. Planning what you are going to eat for the week allows you to create a grocery list that makes sense. A list that doesn’t include too many different ingredients, where you can use foods across multiple dishes. Not only does that help to save money, but it helps with time management and organization. For example, if you add onions to almost every dish you make, you can chop up a few onions at the same time and store them in the same container which saves space in your fridge.

Weekly Meal Plan - Simple Life Happy Life

A weekly meal plan also helps us stay on track for healthy eating all week. If the only foods you have in the fridge are healthy, that is going to be what you eat. Plus, if you prepare your food, you remove the barrier of “too much work” from eating healthy.

A healthy weekly meal plan/grocery list may take a bit of work the first time you do it, but you’ll find that once you have completed a plan once or twice, the prep will be easier than take-out food.

Food Prep Ideas

Here are multiple food prep ideas to make your life easier:

  • Get containers of different sizes (and lots of them!!!) before you begin. You will want containers for prepping individual ingredients as well as containers for meals to take with you to workFood Prep Ideas - Simple Life Happy Life
  • Buy in bulk the ingredients you are going to use a lot
  • Chop each food item in their container until you are ready to make a meal
  • When you make a meal, make extra! You can either have the meal again later that week or freeze it for another week to keep a good variety of meals throughout the week.
  • Go to bulk food stores for spices. One of the biggest expenses, when you start to expand your menu options, can be the cost of ingredients. Especially if you only need a small amount or need infrequently. Bulk food stores allow you to get small amounts of spices and other ingredients without killing your budget.
  • Take one day a week to do all your prep and most of your cooking. Try not to stretch your prep across multiple days.

Healthy meal planning should help make life easier, but you do want your meals to be interesting too. Once a week I will go to Pinterest and search for a new recipe and add it to my weekly plan.

Do you have a weekly meal plan life hack? I would love to hear what you do to make staying healthy, productive, and organized a little easier.